Music For A Found Harmonium


    Music For A Found Harmonium

    Penguin Cafe Orchestra – BBC Broadcast ’89
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    OFFICIAL: The Flash Musical: Duet - Super Friend

    Official Version: Super Friend
    From The Flash Special Episode: Duet

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    1. Meet the Music Meister
    2. Moon River
    3. Put a Little Love in Your Heart
    4. More I Cannot Wish You
    5. Super Friend
    6. Runnin’ Home to You
    7. Runnin’ Home to You (Guitar Version)

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    Video Rating:5


    1. No matter how much times I hear this song it always puts me in a great mood. Listen to the version by Patrick Street, that's the best version.

    2. never cover up, we are doing what we love, never wanna reach the finish cause we're having too much fun 🙂

    3. This was the song that we chose for the end of my Mum's funeral – she would have loved the joy and hopefulness. Still moves me.

    4. i think their music speaks the language of the world.
      a language that has no boundaries from geography
      a language that does not need words

    5. I just don't get all the hate for this episode. I personally thought it was one of the best episodes so far. I think that we kind of needed a break from the 'Savitar is gonna kill Iris' storyline of this season. There are a lot of things that make this episode great. For example, the Flash and Supergirl cast finally get to display their singing talents. Also, this episode wasn't completely unnecessary since Barry and Iris got re-engaged. Even if there is a chance that Barry might be unable to save her from Savitar at the end of the season. So overall, I think that "Duet" was a great episode and you should to. And if you still disagree with me, then just don't watch the episode ever again. Just don't stop watching 'The Flash' TV Series.

    6. Rachel Bloom from Crazy EX Girlfriend wrote this song.  That make me thing  we need a Crazy Ex Girfriend and Flash crossover!! Barry meets Rebecan and tells her. You know i have seen both my parents die. But you have more issues than me. You scare me. and i face Zoom. LOL

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