Music Session with Ivory Hours // Interview


    Music Session with Ivory Hours // Interview

    Western TV sat down with Indie band, Ivory Hours about new music, favourite radio station, Donald Trump and life.

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    Producer and Editor // Connor Malbeuf
    Host // Amanda Viveiros
    Audio // Joseph Daniel
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    Helienne Lindvall @ Slush Music 2016 -  Nordic Playlist & Noah Kin

    Helienne Lindvall is a songwriter who has been at the forefront of championing creator’s rights for a long time. She is the founder of Auddly and has written regularly about the issue in The Guardian as well as for Digital Music News and is a regular guest on news outlets such as the BBC and Sky News.

    At Slush Music 2016, Nordic Playlist and Noah Kin teamed up to film a series of interviews that focus on the future of music. We interviewed leaders in the music industry and tapped into what they were thinking.

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    Video Rating:5